Sea Jewels in the Snow Two, 2022


A version of her white sister, Sea Jewels in the Snow Two, depicts the billions of diatoms floating in our oceans and seas, a mixture of phytoplankton and zooplankton, organisms that are not only responsible for life on earth today but vital to the survival of life on earth.

This piece is made up of upcycled elements such as salvaged beads and sequins, gold foil, faux leather, hand-cut sequins painted with alcohol ink and embroidery floss on black painted canvas.

The back is uncovered to reveal the meticulous hours of embroidery work, around 60-70 hours to complete. It comes ready to hang by a string attached to 2 hooks.

30cm diameter and 1.5cm / 12" diameter x 0.5"

Please note: Colours may vary due to different screens.

Certificate of Authenticity: All artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

International Border / Customs: Please be aware that international orders may be subject to customs charges which the buyer is responsible for.

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